Site Inspection

LandGlass welcomes all the customers to do site visit. You can come to visit our company and factory personally.

Visiting Headquarters
LandGlass’ headquarters locates in the downtown of Luoyang City, which is very easy to find. You can tell our sales manager about your schedule in advance and our sales manager will receive you formally, and then show you around in the headquarter of LandGlass to make you know more about our enterprise culture, our development, our products, etc.

Visiting Factory
LandGlass has its own manufacturing factory in Luoyang City. You can visit our factory with our sales managers. Here you can see the assembly part and the productive process of the glass tempering equipment. 


Visiting Our Customers’ Production Field
LandGlass’ customers spread all over the world. If you want to know more about our customer cases and learn the specific operations of the glass tempering equipment, our sales managers will try their best to arrange you to visit our customers’ production field. Here you can see clearly about the operational process of the machine.

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