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glass tempering equipment

2007, LandGlass successfully developed a new type of continuous glass tempering equipment and put it into the market. Its heating system transversely arranges the heating elements in matrix to accurately control the temperature in furnace.

glass tempering equipment

2008, LandGlass successfully developed the combined glass tempering equipment. It can make full use of forced convection heating technology and radiation heating technology according to different features and tempering requirements of glass. By optimizing the heating and tempering process through combined heating based on multiple heating areas and modes, the furnace is warmly welcomed in the market.

flat glass tempering equipment

2009, LandGlass introduced forced convection continuous glass tempering equipment to the market. Besides the large volume of productivity, the furnace also has its obvious advantage when tempering kinds of screen printed glass, extra white glass and Low-E glass for household appliances.

LandGlass Plant

On October 8, 2009, Phase I project of LandGlass new factory along Mudan Road, Luolong Industry Cluster District was put into operation; Phase I project provides more space for material and spare part storage and improves the capacity of receiving intensive orders and offering emergency spare parts. Moreover, it pushes the management of production and quality of LandGlass to a higher level!

gas heating glass tempering equipment

2011, LandGlass developed the patented gas heating glass tempering equipment. By combining advanced combustion technology and forced convection technology, this new type of furnace remarkably reduces the heating cost and brings another energy source to those glass processors who are limited by electric supply.

LandGlass New Glass Equipment Industrialization Project

On June 26, 2011,  "LandGlass New Glass Equipment Industrialization Project" in Yiluo Industrial Park, Luoyang City is commenced with opening ceremony. It marks that LandGlass steps into a new period of its development.

Chinese Patent Award

2012, November, "the 14th Chinese Patent Awards" finally found theirs owners. LandGlass, with its appearance design patent of flat & bending tempering equipment, has been granted the Gold Award. Thereby, it becomes the first enterprise to win the honor in glass deep-processing industry as well as in Luoyang City.

LandGlass won the 15th golden award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design2013, on November 11, LandGlass' patent for "convection glass heating furnace" won the 15th golden award for Chinese Outstanding Patented Invention & Industrial Design, marking the second time of LandGlass to get the highest honor for China's technical innovation achievements after 2012. 

LandGlass Becoming A Postdoctoral Research Base2014, on February 26th, the postdoctoral working conference of Henan State and award ceremony for the new establishment of a Postdoctoral Station and Postdoctoral Research Base is held in Zhengzhou. LandGlass Technology Co., Ltd. has been awarded as a Postdoctoral Research Base.

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