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LandGlass Glass Tempering Equipment in Iran

Source:LandGlass   Attention:70   Published:2018-07-20

TJK is a well-known industrial enterprise in Iran. The company is equipped with a LD-AB F&B Bi-directional glass tempering equipment made by LandGlass. With flat and bent tempering sections located on each side of the heating chamber, by loading glass from different directions, the glass tempering equipment can fulfill the needs of both flat and B-bent tempered glass. The B-bent section employs transverse bending process on hard shaft forming rollers with its bending mechanism composed of multiple bending devices for high-precision bending. While one furnace serves two types of products, it not only outputs top quality glass, but also effectively keeps the cost down.


Glass used on many local landmarks, such as Commercial Complex Vylazh Tourists business park, Tehran Third Park, Kish International Airport, and Atlantic Commercial Property are manufactured by this LD- AB F&B Bi-directional glass tempering equipment



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